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LG Pro Roofing Systems only works with the highest quality and effective polyurethane roof coatings when we’re on the job for our clients. That is why we use SpraySeal NS-R200 for all of our projects. SpraySeal provides proven long-term performance, and is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). SpraySeal NS-R200 is the most environmentally friendly polyurethane roof and building protection solution that can handle the cycle of expansion and contraction that residential and commercial roofs experience in Ottawa every day.

NS-R200 allows for minimal disruption to the building occupiers during application without added life safety and or insurance concerns, smoke or offensive odors emitting during and or post application. This is due to the fact that SpraySeal NS-R200 comes in a cold applied, liquid form that does not need flame application to form the roof seal. This is what makes our SpraySeal solution the most environmentally friendly, and non-invasive polyurethane building and roof protection system in Ottawa! We can also use NS-Acriseal, which was designed to form a monolithic bond with our SpraySeal NS-R200 solution to give it a significant amount of elasticity to withstand any movement caused by roof expansion and contraction.

Inland Coatings NaturaSeal coating in progress on a new home build
NaturaSeal Coating: VOC Free & Environmentally Friendly

SpraySeal NS-R200 Product Characteristics

SpraySeal NS-R200 provides product characteristics including:

  • Quick and easy application.
  • No vulnerable seams, laps or multiple accessory requirements.
  • Superior curing and adhesion technology.

When utilizing Naturaseal’s NS-Acriseal technology with our SpraySeal system, your building will be the most energy efficient and fire resistant roof it can possibly be. Once fully applied and cured, your building will be:

  • LEED Accredited
  • Energy Star Accredited
  • Class A Fire Rated

Air Barrier Applications

Air Barrier NS-A250-HP is used to provide highly UV-stable essential protection for the polyurethane coatings completed both inside and outside of the building. This helps to assist with construction schedule continuity. Our Air Barrier solution is suitable for all commonly used building substrates, OSB, plywood, exterior grade gypsum, concrete, steel and aluminum. This permeable material offers complete VOC free applications with a Class A fire resistance classification. Transitions to other materials and assemblies like curtains, punched or flanged windows and doors is seamless. Air Barrier NS-A250-HP is also compatible with face sealed assemblies like stucco and EIFS as well as the multitude of exterior cladding materials, making it an unmatched protection solution for polyurethane coatings when it comes to building material compatibility. If you are looking for polyurethane coatings for your new or existing building, don’t settle for anything less than the best protection with the lowest environmental impact. Contact LG Pro Roofing Systems today to discuss your coating needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions About NaturaSeal Coatings

How long does elastomeric coating last?

NaturaSeal elastomeric coatings can last the lifetime of a building with regular maintenance including cleaning with a hose or power washer and reapplying the coating every 10 to 15 years. Contact LG Pro Roofing Systems for NaturaSeal coating maintenance.

What is the difference between high and low permeability coatings?

The main difference in high and low permeability coatings is the amount of vapour and air the coating allows to pass through it. Low permeability coatings are better used on insulation, foam, concrete walls and cedar blocks. High permeability coatings are designed for wood structures and fibre board but can also be used on foam and insulation.

Can NaturaSeal elastomeric coatings be painted over?

NaturaSeal coatings can be painted over. However, acrylic latex paint needs to be used. Other types of paint won’t adhere to the elastomeric coating as well, which can allow water to seep under the paint and ruin the finish of the paint.

Do you apply NaturaSeal coating in the rain?

No, we do not. Elastomeric coating needs a warm and dry environment that’s free of rain or dew to set properly. If you are scheduled to have NaturaSeal coating applied to your building and the forecast shows rain, we will be in touch to reschedule.

How warm does it need to be to apply NaturaSeal coating?

The warmer the environment, the better. If temperatures dip below 5 degrees Celsius, then it becomes too cold to apply the coating properly. Plan to have NaturaSeal coating applied by LG Pro Roofing Systems anytime from the late spring to early autumn.

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